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Marianne Aav, Ebba Brännback, Eeva Viljanen:
Timo Sarpaneva: Collection La Colección
Designmuseo, Design Museum, Helsinki 2006
21x25,5cm, 118 sivua/pages
ISBN 952-9878-48-6
Englannin ja espanjan kielinen

The book presents the Timo Sarpaneva Collection of the Design Museum in Helsinki. The collection contains over 500 objects and works of art, in addition to an archive of studies and sketches. The collection also presents Sarpaneva´s career of over half a century, involving an abundance of forms and materials and the reiteration and further development of strong and refined themes throughout his oeuvre. He was an artist and each object that he designed is originally a work of art. He personified the optimistic faith of a nation in the opportunities of art and industry.

Sisältö / Contents:

  • Marianne Aav: Foreword
  • Timo Sarpaneva: Praesens historicum
  • Kaisa Koivisto: Timo Sarpaneva and the Iittala Glassworks
  • Collection
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Literature
  • Index

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