Suomen Lasimuseo

Heikki Matiskainen, Kaisa Koivisto, Hannele Viilomaa:
Finnish Glass Art 2000-2005
Published by the Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Vammala 2006
21,3x25,5cm, 136 sivua/pages
ISBN 952-5571-14-9

The touring exhibition by the Finnish Glass Museum

The present exhibition reflects Finnish glass art from the years 2000-2005. Complied by the Finnish Glass Museum, it assembles 60 glass artists presenting different works and concepts. On its international tour, the exhibition has been on show in France and will go to the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Germany.


  • Heikki Matiskainen: Preface
  • Kaisa Koivisto: How have we come to this stage? A brief history of glass in Finland
  • Hannele Viilomaa: Finnish glass in different techniques
  • Catalogue: Artists / Glass works
  • Glassworks / glass studios

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