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Antonín Langhamer:
The Legend of Bohemian Glass
A thousand years of glassmaking in the heart of Europe
Tigris, Czech Republic 2003
22,7x33,7cm, 296 sivua/pages
ISBN 80-86062-11-2

Through The Legend of Bohemian Glass, Antonín Langhamer brings to the life the whole depht and breadth of Czech glass achievement. The book covers its entire history, not only artistic, but technical, economic and commersial. His exhaustive glossary at the back is more than just a place to book up terms, but an illuminating narrative on every aspect of glass, from ancient times to the present. The work is illustradet with lush photographs created by outstanding photographers who specialize in capturing the breathtaking beauty unique to glass.


  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1: The Art of Fire Is Born
  • Chapter 2: The Road to Fame
  • Chapter 3: Bohemian Baroque Glass Meets the World
  • Chapter 4: Rococo and Classicism
  • Chapter 5: The Early 19th Century
  • Chapter 6: Revivalism
  • Chapter 7: The Dawn of the 20th Century
  • Chapter 8: Between Wars
  • Chapter 9: Fighting for Survival
  • Chapter 10: A Quarter Century of Search and Change
  • Chapter 11: Glass Becomes the Art of the Day
  • Chapter 12: Glass and the End of the Second Millenium
  • Encyclopedic glossary
  • Logos of glassworks, finishing studios and schools
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Photography credits
  • Index of places
  • Index of names
  • Collections

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